About us

IOD is a Ukrainian outstaffer company from Krivyi Rih. Our key service is a team of 50+ developers, project managers, designers, SEO specialists, testers and marketers. We are not a freelancer exchange. Before offering outstaff services, we not only assembled a proven team, but also accumulated 8 years of experience in web development, having completed 200+ projects for clients around the world.

Our company is growing not only because of our deep expertise, but also because of our approach to finding, onboarding and developing employees. IOD is a big family that speaks the same language and runs projects in the same office. You won't waste time dealing with employee communication issues. Just introduce the team to the project and get quality development along with competent design. Our core competencies are:

Website development

We create websites, online stores and services on WordPress, 1C-Bitrix, Joomla, MODX, Opencart, Drupal, Magento, Shop-Script and CS Cart.

Mobile app development

We create functional, convenient and stylish applications for iOS and Android devices.

UI/UX design

We design simple and creative interfaces that solve users problems and give a pleasant online shopping experience.

Online promotion

We provide SEO promotion of websites, set up contextual advertising in Google and promote products and brands in Facebook/Instagram.

Stages of collaboration:

Discussing the project and drafting the TOR
Selecting specialists according to the project stack
Costing and contracting
Providing specialists on a contract basis

Why an outstaff by IOD?

Quality and expertise: we are not just doers, we are creators with expertise and a clear vision of the result.
Investing in the development of the team: regular training and learning English in the company.
Risk-free convenience: while you manage the team, we deal with legal and personnel issues.
Trust and confidentiality: We are focused on long-term cooperation and guarantee 100% data protection.

A great team is the foundation and core value of IOD. Our employees evolve every day because of the new challenges that the business poses to them. They enjoy challenges like children and do their work in a mature way: they go deep into the client's business, propose new approaches and go headlong into development.

Well, I guess your search for an outstaffer is over! The IOD team is ready to be the «engine» of your project right now.

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